And I survived the relatives. Am now in full-blown ice cream and alcohol recovery mode. Fortunately, my roommates are amazing people and only look at me like I'm crazy some of the time instead of all of it.

Also: I come bearing sonnets!

for [ profile] bm1893, who requested "Robin Hood, the new BBC version" and who received in exchange a sonnet from Djaq's POV about the twin she mentions in Brothers in Arms.

Becoming )


for [ profile] ravenclaw_devi, who requested a sonnet from this picture. I realize that I know absolutely nothing about the fandom, but I took the caption and the picture and put something together that may or may not absolutely butcher the meanings of both. *hides*

Freefall )
So, you may be thinking, wasn't Carmen doing NaNo? What happened to that anyway?

Well, real life happened to that. But not in the way you think--real life happened in that I had too much inspiration, and the novel I started out with was not what I realized I wanted to write. The roundup for the month turned out something like this:

-30.000 words on the novel
-2 completed SPN fics (about 6.000 words)
-7 SPN beginnings (about 3.000 words)
-omg so many poems (about infinity words)
-3 short stories which need to be edited and posted (about 7.000 words)
-1 sonnet sequence (technically a crown of sonnets. also in dire need of editing.)
-1 insane research paper on the decade following the Brown v. Board of Education ruling in the southern US (2.800 words)
-1 fic that totally has nothing to do with Robin Hood at all and in fact doesn't exist
-4 short story introductions

In conclusion, I have been insanely productive. And while I did not technically win NaNo, I'm happy with the fact that I got this much done. *does writing dance*
Drove back from Minnesota today, miles and miles of cultivated fields and houses clustered around the gas stations.

I love and hate the Midwest. Love its expansive openness, the simplicity of wheat fields. Hate how it all turns into itself eventually, a sloppy watercolor with smudges of green grey blue and always too much sky.

I am waiting for winter, when the sunlight leeches warmth from the air and shatters the lakes into artless strewn glass, shards of metal, mirrors glinting back at the shore.

A few drabbles that occurred to me on the way )



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