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Birthdate:Oct 22
Location:Wisconsin, United States of America

I'm Carmen. Once upon a time, the internet came into being and I fell in love. I'll be a grad student studying educational policy starting in the fall. I want to teach, eventually. I work at a bar. I drink lots of strong coffee, black. I'm a cat person. I'm a vegan. I can be profoundly antisocial in group settings but I love LJ and intimate coffeeshop conversation. I don't believe in sleep. I do believe in chocolate. Still undecided about fairies.

love affairs

Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, Battlestar Galactica. Getting back into Supernatural fandom.

On the more literary side of things, I read a ridiculous amount of poetry and prose and am always looking for suggestions. Read something that made your day, changed your world, sucked you in and ripped you to shreds? Tell me about it.

about the journal

This is my fandom journal. If you'd like to read my RL journal (why, I have no idea), just drop me a message or a comment.


If I've friended you, it's because I think what you write is interesting. Nothing more complicated. Calling a reading list "friends" is always awkward like that.

If you friend me and post to your journal every once in a while, I'll probably friend you back. (And if you friend me, let me know! I love meeting new people, and I won't always notice you if you just appear on my friend-of list.) Wasn't that long and unnecessarily complicated?

I have opinions and I voice them. However, unless I say "I am unwilling to discuss this," you may assume that anything I post is up for discussion. I am constantly surprised that people who choose to post public opinions react poorly to their debate; if I wanted to rant to a diary, I'd, well, rant to a diary. Possibly a pink one. With one of those little heart-shaped locks.


Preemptively, because I know I'll forget, all brush, texture, and light effect credit goes to [info]oxoniensis, [info]isabellecs, [info]shagalote, [info]hecatesknickers, [info]crumblingwalls, [info]dorkyduck, [info]leggyslove, [info]flutterinchains, [info]graphicjunkie, [info]alaskanicons, [info]dearest, [info]fuzzy, [info]daughterofsnape, [info]awmp, [info]filipinoz_rule, [info]magnetboyicons, [info]iroka, [info]miggy, [info]customer_mimi, [info]colorfilter, faeryfroggy-stock, firry, ladyorion, duskblue, rubyraindrops, reyesphile, iconistas, TripsBitch, and Pfefferminzchen. In addition, I took all screencaps (when applicable) from Screencappiness, Much Ado About BtVS, A Buffy Screencap Site, and Buffyworld. If you see me using a gradient, texture, base, or brush that you recognize as yours and I haven't credited you here, please let me know in an e-mail or comment.

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