I should be editing the paper that is worth 25% of my grade right now, but instead I'm translating Old English that won't even be on the final, calling The Boy to make sure he's awake and remembers to mail the Christmas cards, figuring out how $15.33 is going to pay the rent (I have subscribed to Carmen's Theory of Dehydration, in which if you pour money on your checking account, it will magically grow in a beanstalk-like manner), missing the purring kitten that slept on my lap all yesterday, and deciding how to spend the week after finals, when I will be too exhausted by the Christmas madness to do anything anyway.

Ah, the last week of school. How I loathe and love thee.
Last night, I was in what I think was the worst pain of my life, with menstrual cramps so bad that I literally couldn't breathe for ten or fifteen seconds at a time. The Boy, despite his dogged insistence that he wasn't tired and would stay up with me, passed out around four in the morning. I didn't have the heart to wake him, so I crept into a chair nearby and started making lists of things to distract myself from the fact that I could barely function.

My most important list consisted of ways I'm going to reduce my environmental impact. Yes, I get environmentally conscious when I'm suffering. Sue me.

Things I already do:

-ride a bike, walk, or take the bus everywhere
-re-use paper
-use as little water as possible
-drink tap water
-use a coffee mug instead of disposable cup (except from Cafe Soleil, where they use biodegradable "plastic" cups)
-buy local produce
-conserve electricity by using as little light as possible
-try to buy unpackaged (or sparingly packaged) food
-buy organic, fair-trade coffees and teas

Eco-friendly things to continue or start using:

-dishwashing liquid (continue)
-detergent (continue)
-general cleaning products (continue)
-pads/tampons (start)
-shaving cream (start)
-conditioner (continue)
-lotion (continue)
-sunscreen (start)
-sponges (start)
-natural-fiber toothbrush/hairbrush
-toothpaste (continue)
-unbleached toilet paper, paper towels, coffee filters, etc. (continue)
-my fertilizer-free garden! which I'll have next year! (start)

Eco-friendly things that I can't afford now but will when I'm not a poor college student:

-100% natural-fiber clothing
-recyclable/biodegradable shoes
-100% organic food, especially locally produced
It's like a cross between Indiana Jones' literal leap of faith in The Last Crusade and flying, this new glass walk over the Grand Canyon.

It's officially added to my list of things. I have quite a few of them, including Machu Picchu and a World Series game.

Also, it made me slightly wistful on Dean's behalf. Because damnit, I want him to see the Grand Canyon. He deserves it.



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