I am in love with a piece of steel.

And with its noisy chain and twitchy derailleurs and newly-trued wheels and bright yellow saddle that is as uncomfortable as anything I've ever set my ass on for any long period but with time will do me well.

I'm in love with the white-and-green paint scheme with yellow accents. I'm in love with my delicate-looking Campagnolo (referred to affectionately by the boys at the bike shop as Campy) shifters because my hands are tiny and normal shifters integrated into brakes are difficult for me to operate.

I am not in love with the pedals, but that's just because I haven't gotten new ones for it yet.

Mostly, though, I'm in love with my bicycle because no one can explain where it came from.

It's a LeMond frame, trial paint scheme never put into production, internal brake cables never put into production, a bunch of Campy Record parts. The bike shop boys guess it's an early 90s prototype, but no one really knows. They spend hours online looking for bikes that look like mine with no luck. And they're all insanely jealous, because it's mine.

I took it out for a first test ride yesterday, which resulted in (a) a pedal coming unthreaded and falling off (b) a flat front tire and (c) mud in unmentionable places once it started to rain. It was amazing. I am giddy in love.
I am in love with elegant things lately, which is a switch for me--I'm usually much more whimsical and ooh, that'll look interesting on the wall or hanging from that random hook on the ceiling or pasted onto my blue blue blue IKEA wardrobe.

Recently, though, I love smooth lines and gentle curves, dark colors and stainless steel. Which is why, when I stumbled across these espresso cups while salivating over espresso machines that cost more than a month's rent and which I will never ever be able to afford, I stopped. And drooled a little. And sighed, and brought out my wallet, and bought them, because. They are so damn beautiful.

Unfortunately, there are multiple lines by that same design company, which means multiple opportunities for me to feel depressed about life in general and solve said depression by indulging my glassware habit.

Speaking of habits and indulgence, my [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang story has gone off in a totally unanticipated and very strange direction. I'm not sure whether I want to leave it there or wrangle it back on track. I still have time to write myself into a corner and then backtrack, so for now I'll leave it and see what happens. God, I love writing.



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