Dear LiveJournal,

I realize that over the years you and I have had a mostly amicable relationship. There was that one incident with you and my cousin when the family had to let you know how we do things around here, but bygones are bygones.

Therefore: when you wish to exert your power to be Queen Bitch of the universe, please do so

1. in English (none of this [Error: Database handle unavailable at /home/lj/cgi-bin/LJ/ line 299. @ w52] business),

2. only when I am clicking on posts that I probably should not be reading due to the fact that I have been procrastinating,

3. when the posts do not involve, in any way, shape, or form, the words "Pictures of pretty people" and then an LJ cut (your invention, by the way).

Enjoy the holidays!

Best Regards,

ETA: Does anyone else find it amusing that LJ's spellcheck doesn't recognize the word "LiveJournal?"
...and my not having done my Milton paper (but having instead cleaned the apartment--who knew dust could actually form sentient clumps?)...

Tell me something about yourself!

Especially those of you who just cropped up and I don't know terribly well yet. Something interesting, random, unique. Tell me you have purple eyes and red hair and I won't even call you Mary Sue though I may think it a little in the back of my head. Go wild and tell me two things. Or, you know, even three. Also: tell me you're obsessed with baked Lay's potato chips and you may earn an asterisk referring to "OMG LOVE THIS PERSON" after your name in my mental flist.

Just saying.

Okay, you say, then are you going to tell me something about yourself?

Well, I say, I guess I could.

I hate people who order fancy drinks when I'm waiting behind them in line and I'm already late to class, but I love them when they order those same drinks from me because they're fun to make. Is this not an enlightening thing? (Yes, Carmen, yes it is.)

So! Save me from Paradise Lost and tracing lineages. It will be Good Karma.



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