Sometimes all I want to do is take you to bed, not have sex with you, no, just curl up around you and breathe into the nape of your neck and let you know that I care about you, that I want you to do whatever will make you more happy than this, less self-destructive. Whatever will bring back your wit and snark and lazy smile. I want to tell you that I appreciate you. Here: I appreciate you. I want you to be whoever you are, however long it takes, however many tears and broken hearts you earn and shed along the way.

One day, you will be a magnificent person and everyone will know it.

Right now, you're a magnificent person and it feels like the biggest secret I've ever kept.
I kick ass at planning a lesson that fits exactly into one period.

Valentine's Day was named after one of three possible Saint Valentines, the most likely of which was the one who was the patron of greeting card manufacturers, lovers, beekeepers, and plague victims. He was also apparently one of the martyrs who got beheaded.

Evidently, if you pin bay leaves to your pillow on Valentine's Eve, you'll see your future lover in your dreams. Sounds like a good use for bay leaves to me, since as far as I can tell, all they do to food is make it annoying to eat.

When it is cold outside and the radiators are not on, it is also cold in the apartment. Yes, this should have been obvious; however, I'm so used to it being hot that an actual day of shivering kinda throws me off.

And what the hell, since it's Valentine's Day:

All my love. Seriously. You're a wonderful group of people with kind hearts and strong minds and I'm honored to know you, even if I'll never meet you.
Has anyone else noticed that Dean always takes the little plastic lids off of paper cups of coffee while Sam drinks them with the lids on? Is there an instance in which this pattern is broken?

I have decided that macadamia nuts are the fruit of the gods. Especially when roasted in honey.

Tonight is fondue night with old friends. A last evening of fun before school sets in and we're all dragged kicking and screaming back into having obligations. To this end, I have nearly one pound of cheese and the largest baguette I have ever seen. Also some strange after-dinner mints. I am trusting one of said old friends to bring the white wine for the fondue, which in hindsight was probably not the best decision. Oh well.

And in other news, I am currently getting 100% of my recommended daily intake of calcium! Yay me! Now if the sun would only shine so I could get some vitamin D to go with it, I'd be a much happier person.



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