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So, what if Mary's in Hell?

I mean, follow my reasoning here: She made a deal with Azazel. I know he told her it wouldn't cost her soul, but the stipulation was that he not be interrupted, and he was. Also, statistically, one (1) person gets away with doing deals with demons. Namely, Dean. Even he gets forty years hard torture for it before Cas yanks his ass back out. (Okay, there was that one guy who did the deal so his wife wouldn't die of cancer, but there were extenuating circumstances and I feel like the writers mostly flung that out there so we'd have a little hope that Dean would weasel his way out of The Deal.)

Back to the point: why do they keep assuming she's in Heaven?

Also, doesn't this mean she might've been in Hell for, like, 350 years? Damn, woman.

I realize that Home problematizes this, because it implies that her spirit hung around Lawrence for a couple decades waiting for her kids to show back up so she could smile and make them make wibbly faces (seriously, what was the point of that episode?) I think this means that she was in neither Hell nor Heaven for at least those years. Also, as far as I can tell, only reaper-d spirits get a choice about whether or not to stick around, since reapers are all "let's talk about our feelings" instead of "let's chew you into little pieces." There seems to be a difference between dying naturally and dying via demon. She died somewhere in-between, not "naturally," but not chew-toy. Killed by a demon, but only as collateral damage in the fulfillment of a deal, not as the price of the deal. I'm not sure whose jurisdiction that falls under.

However! Either way, she's not haunting around Lawrence anymore. Ash can't find her in Heaven. She made a deal with a demon. Her kids are agents of the apocalypse. What's to say she's not kicking it downstairs?

Why aren't we more concerned about this? (By "we" I mean the Winchesters. Also, the large swath of fandom that has failed to write John/Mary Hell fic.)


Part Two: where's John? Not in Hell, I assume, since he went all glowtastic on Azazel in AHBL2, but perhaps not in Heaven, either, given Ash's inability to find him.

On Earth? On Saturn? Watching the boys? Haunting Bobby's? Hunting other ghosts? Pranking frat bars? Making faces at Lucifer?

That man never disappears without damn good cause, so I can't help thinking he's plotting something off the grid, waiting to make his grand entrance.

Hee, or maybe he's sitting on Cas's shoulder, whispering instructions. (Tell Dean to keep his left elbow down, stupid kid always leaves that side undefended. Once Sam kicks the blood habit, you make sure he goes back to school. Dude, why the hell would God be in Siberia? A virgin, really? You realize that Dean does sometimes swing that way, right? What, never hurt to loosen up a little, you could both use it.) No wonder Cas is in such a pissy mood all the time.

OR THIS: He got out of Hell and into Heaven, only to realize that Mary's stuck in Hell, so he WENT BACK TO GET HER. (This is completely unfounded on anything like evidence, but how awesome would that be?)

To conclude this ramble, Show has carefully sidestepped the issue of where John and Mary are, giving us no reason to assume, as the boys do, that they've found a place in Heaven. This has the potential to become Veeeery Iiiinteresting in future. In the meantime, I might have to write Mary in Hell. Because. Dude.

Thoughts (especially any more organized/analytical than these) are always welcome.
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